Do you want to find your voice?

- or are you losing it?

Finding your voice:-

  • Have you always wanted to sing but were too afraid or nervous?
  • Do you want to improve your tone or pitch ability?
A combination of Alexander Technique and vocal technique can help you to sing in tune, or to improve your singing.
Through a holistic approach, you learn to understand your voice and its profound connection to your body, your thoughts and emotions, and your sense of self.

The lessons involve an integration of hands-on work, simple anatomy, movement-based exercises and lots of humour! And of course, some singing, suited to your needs and your level of experience.

Almost anyone can sing. Singing is as natural to us as breathing, until we learn to suppress it. We develop fear and self-consciousness about singing in front of others. Changing this pattern often involves a process of discovery, "uncovering" your voice.
  • Do you suffer from anxiety if asked to speak in public?
The Alexander Technique is a great foundation for public performance, lecturing or presentation. It teaches you skills such as how to stand still without looking stiff, how to breathe inaudibly, how to prepare yourself so you are not "a bundle of nerves" before speaking, and how to project a calm, poised image which will impress your audience!

Losing it?:-

  • Do you become hoarse easily?
  • Is talking on the phone stressful?
  • Do you worry that your voice is weak or inaudible?
Many people find the demands of their occupation too much for their voice. Often the cause of hoarsness and vocal strain can be located in how you are using your voice. Such problems as stress, anxiety, and loss of breath are also directly linked to the use of yourself.
The Alexander Technique evolved out of the observations and experiences of FM Alexander in his search to find a cause for his own vocal problems. Because of this Alexander Technique lessons can have profound effects on the voice, both in speaking and singing.

Studying Alexander's work in conjuction with voice work is the best way to begin building a good foundation for speaking and singing, but also the best way to find the cause of vocal problems, as it deals with the "structural centre" of the voice.

So if you want to find your voice, or are losing it, make the time to have a lesson. Find out why the Alexander Technique offers a unique perspective on working with the voice.