We have asked several of our pupils to provide a comment on their experience of taking lessons with us and generally about the Alexander Technique.

" I am a 55 yr old medical practitioner who 10 yrs ago had a motor car accident sustaining a whiplash injury. 6 yrs ago, I suffered a fractured lumbar vertebra during a sporting accident and 2 yrs ago a lumbar disc injury during another motor vehicle accident. As a result of all these injuries, I had been suffering with considerable pain in my neck and lower back especially at night.

I came across the Alexander Technique (AT) by accident when reading information about AT in a friend's waiting room. Having then read all the available books (7) about AT, I attended 10 sessions with an AT teacher. As a result of the changes which occurred to my behaviour & posture and movements, I am now pain free and do not take medications. My friends also comment that I look well - as promised in one of the books!

I have since referred 10 of my patients with long term spinal pain for AT teaching. All of them found AT very useful with some reporting great improvements. Ever since, I refer to the Alexander Technique as " The best kept secret in Medicine".

General Practitioner - (contact details available on request) 

"When I was 10 years old I was involved in an accident that inflamed my spine and damaged my coccyx. I was in constant pain and going to a chiropractor every week for the next five years with no relief. I finally stopped the chiropractic and eventually I became numb to the pain and on occasion was unable to walk.

When I was 25 I was introduced to the Alexander Technique. Not only has my pain diminished dramatically, but after 6 years of learning to be aware of my use, it has almost gone completely. I spent time in my lessons with Annie Robinson learning about pain management and this has been one of the most important skills that I have learned in relation to the Alexander Technique.

I am very grateful both to Annie and Richard, and Vivien Mackie for their guidance and teaching me a skill that I can use to increase my quality of life for the rest of my days."

Jennifer Tingley - musician

The Alexander Technique lessons have taught me an appreciation for the richness of non-doing and how that eventuates into a release of greater length and width in my posture.
Annie's clear directions, understanding of develomental movements, experience of Tai Chi helped make the lessons functional. The teaching adds to the quality of my professional and personal life.

Anna Steenhausen - physiotherapist and Feldenkrais practitioner

"I first heard about Alexander Technique from a current affair programme and at once decided it give it a try.  At the time, being in my early 50s, I was experiencing regular bouts of severe headache resulting in vomiting and having to go to bed.  This necessitated my going to a physio, who relieved the problem for a few weeks, and then the cycle repeated itself.  I had also tried chiropractic, acupuncture and massage.  At the same time I was experiencing severe backache.  I have had poor posture all my life (being told to “sit up straight Helen” never helped).  I could see myself being a very stooped, pain ridden person by the time I was 60.

The results were amazing. I felt totally different as I found out how to give directions that immediately showed me a better way of managing myself as I went about my life. The wonderful thing was that the headaches left as I learnt new habits of management. My posture has improved as I continue to implement what I have been taught. I feel like a new woman and was told the same by my friends.  I cannot praise the Alexander Technique enough and the expert advice that Richard provides me with whenever I see him.

I had my 60th Birthday last year and am so thankful that I went to that first lesson.  I know it has given me a quality of life that would otherwise not have been there."   

Helen Whitford - Rockingham WA.