Richard Beavitt:- Alexander Technique Teacher

My introduction to the Alexander Technique arose out of my own solution to the developing stresses of being a musician. I’d decided to go running on a regular basis, to get fit and at the same time avoid some of the more usual pitfalls of the musical profession. In this regard running proved to be an enjoyable success but in the process I also developed a very sore leg! Despite some care and attention, a new stretching routine, a library of infomation on running, rest and a new pair of expensive running shoes my leg still refused to get any better. So I suddenly found myself at the tender age of 25 having difficulty walking, or standing, for any prolonged period.

At that time I had a guitar playing friend, a "long" person who wrapped himself around the guitar when he played, who had had some success with lessons in the Alexander Technique in alleviating his chronic back pain. So I went along for some lessons with an Alexander Technique teacher. The pain in my leg miraculously disappeared!

What was more interesting was that through attendance at a subsequent series of Alexander Technique workshops aimed at musicians I began to get an exciting glimpse of where my skill as a musician could go. What had not been taught during my education as a musician became clear - simply that a lack in perception of 'how' one acquired one’s skill as a musician could lead to all kinds of problems.

One can then become entangled by the process of acquiring the necessary parts of a skill instead of being enabled by it.