Richard Beavitt:- Alexander Technique Teacher

I bring all my experience and skill as a teacher of the Alexander Technique to help individuals maintain an ability to move well and stay pain free. I also aim to provide a basis for them to realise their own potential, not least in maintaining a joy in whatever they do.

All of us exercise a degree of skill in our lives - be it as parent, crane driver, lawyer, bricklayer, musician, schoolteacher, cleaner ..... Helping individuals to discover that all these skills can be practiced with a "forgotten" but inherent level of poise and an appropriate level of effort remains an interesting process for me.

That it invariably also helps them deal with pain is a significant bonus!

Applying the Alexander Technique to my own life is a skill which I continue to hone. It helps me to  enjoy various roles - which  include being a parent, getting older with a modicum of grace, developing some degree of computer literacy (without pain), staying on the aikido mat, enjoying playing the saxophone and being an Alexander Technique teacher.

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