There are a great number of texts on the Alexander Technique currently available. If you are interested to read about it we recommend the following books to begin with.
Introductory Texts
Body Learning Michael Gelb
The Alexander Technique Chris Stevens
A Skill for Life Pedro D'Alcantara
A bit more practical (but no substitute for some lessons...)
Back Trouble Debra Caplan
Mind and Muscle -
an Owners Handbook
Elizabeth Langford
For Musicians and Performers
Just Play Naturally Vivien Mackie
Indirect Procedures Pedro D'Alcantara
The Art of Swimming Steven Shaw
The Art of Running Malcolm Balk

In Australia the quickest and cheapest way to get any of these books is (usually) through the School for FM Alexander Studies in Melbourne. Please email them if you can't find one of these books locally. They also stock a wide range of other books on the Alexander Technique and related topics.