Annie Robinson : Alexander Technique Teacher

I have been teaching the Alexander Technique in Perth for the last 13 years. In this time I have taught in a range of institutions including the WA Academy of Performing Arts from 1994-2001, Murdoch University, the Australian Opera Studio and the University of WA Extension program. I now teach in private practice and as a consultant.

I am interested in the specific application of the Alexander Technique to the use of the voice, as well as its general application in performing, playing music, and public speaking. I have taught many musicians who use the Alexander Technique in their professional lives as orchestral musicians and teachers. I work with school teachers with chronic laryngitis, people who can't sing in tune, singers who want to improve their singing and young people just starting out on a career.

I also teach the Alexander Technique to people with postural, balance and coordination problems, and specific complaints such as frozen shoulder, scoliosis, pregnancy-related low back pain, and chronic headaches.